Shopping Instruction

Shopping Instruction

Step 1 : Create Account

a. Register as a member of online shop..
Registration is free of charge and does not require you to place an order.

b. Begin registration by clicking on the Register link on the Top right side of the home page.

c. Fill in information: Personal information, Address and Password.

d. Finally, click on “Submit” and you will automatically login to the store.

e. A registration notification showing your user name and password will be sent to


Step 2 : Login

Once you have registered with us, click on the Login link in the upper right-hand corner to login

your account by entering your email address and password on the home page.

Step 3 : Adding products to shopping cart

When you find the product you want in the online store, move it to your Shopping Cart

by clicking “Add to Cart” button in product quickview, or product details page.